Living the Mommy Life

Hello blogging world! I just started to fall in love with the wonderful world of blogging, and, as I’m constantly pinned under a nursing or napping baby, I wanted in (if for no other reason than to feel productive…Shoutout to my grumpy angel!).

If you asked my husband, he’d admit that tidying and housekeeping is not my forte. But, great guy that he is, it doesn’t bother him…because he graciously accepts that my wife/mother talents are in other areas. Because I would 1000 times prefer to snuggle and kiss my roly poly baby, and spend quality time with my hard working husband, than worry about my ever growing mountain of laundry.

I also don’t have a washer/dryer. So there’s that.

My mom, awesome, crazy, loving woman that she is, always taught me by example that people come first (She did teach me to keep house too…but clearly it didn’t stick). In my whole nearly two years in the teaching world, my classroom was messy, but students were always loved and heard. My dorm in college…yes friends did say I nested (in a your-room-is-a-collection-of-junk way….not in a sweet prepping-mommy-to-be way), but I had great adventures with great friends. 

I guess you could say I lean towards being a Mary, but could definitely do with some more Martha instincts (thanks Mom!…not that it’s your fault I don’t care about messes…but… I mean…a little bit it is, in the best way possible 🙂 ). I really, truly hope to accomplish both: live in the moment like Mary, but do what needs doing like Martha. I know young moms who’ve already got it in spades. But for right now, I’d much rather relish my little one’s perfect, LOOUUD, fleeting baby moments and not worry about the dishes always being put away.

So that’s me. I’m a mess. But that’s ok because baby and husband are loved. 

Seriously though…sometimes I clean…


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