Charity Starts at Home

Part of me thinks I should just not write on this topic…because I’d already written an entire post complete with pictures and links…then baby woke up. And somehow it vanished. Well…here I go again.

My husband constantly reminds me that I have the most important job: raising our chub-muffin.

I’m so grateful that he sees/helps me see my mothering vocation that way. Because I’m naturally a down-on-myselfer. I’m working on that.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that (even though when you’re in the trenches, it sure feels like it). It’s just so easy to think there’s no merit to what you do. 

But every human was put on this earth for a reason. It’s up to each of us to live up to it.

I’m not a missionary, doctor, or Saint (aim for heaven, fall in purgatory…or something like that). I certainly don’t feel like I’m changing the world while I change my squirmy worm for the millionth time amidst banshee screams. 

That’s where I’m a thousand percent wrong. (And also if you don’t know what a banshee is, go watch this movie. You’re welcome. Now back to charity…)

There’s a reason people hate eachother. There’s also a reason people help eachother.

And it starts at home. 

Every time I sing a lullaby to a baby who wants nothing to do with me. Every time I spend a couple minutes talking to a stranger I could’ve just walked by (come on, we’ve ALL done that, right? I’m sorry to say, once I walked right by a UDer crying in the chapel. Even though the Spirit was screaming at me to comfort her… I listened to my pride and ignored her. See me? Don’t be like me…). And hardest yet, every time I swallow some snarky comeback towards my husband after a long day (in marriage…snarkiness can be such a slippery slope).

Every time I choose love over pride, I let God work through me. And little eyes (and big eyes) see that.

My vocation is to constantly empty myself for love of others,and ultimately God (easier said than done, amirite?? #askmehowiknow). The beauty of that vocation is little ones are natural born imitators. What they see me do, they’ll do. So when I talk smack about people…my daughter will see that. And when I defend someone who’s not in the room…she’ll see that too. (Gossip…it’s the candy of sin. So hard to give up, but SO bad for you)

My job is to see and love people around me. To be Christ for someone. Someone somewhere said, “you may be the only God they see all day.” What an important opportunity we have to constantly “let go, and let God” around the people we see every. day.

Just as my favorite said, 

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

That’s the beauty of this world. Every one of us is capable of love. That doesn’t mean agreeing with everyone on everything. It means really truly SEEING them. And not being blinded by my own reflection (or the reflection of my iPhone). 

So, like Mother Teresa said, start by really, truly seeing your family. Most likely you’ll inspire someone else to do the same.


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