Daydreaming Pitfalls 

We’re moving! Into the same apartment complex!! (Bee-LIEVE me…moving from a 1 bedroom to a  2 bedroom is super exciting…yay for a washer/dryer!

As thrilling as this move is…it’s gotten us daydreaming further down the road. To our dream house. Mark’s list of demands:

  • A roof
  • A kitchen 
  • Safe place to live 

Ahem…my list of demands:

  • Porch
  • Porch swing 
  • Big yard
  • Big trees
  • Open floor plan 
  • Bay window 
  • LOTS of windows 
  • Forever and ever amen

Luckily, I’m pickier in my dreams than in reality. 

There’s so many people our age in the same boat (or different boat, but  we’re at least in spitting distance of eachother). We yearn for that home, that stability, that forever feel. So we make plans, save every penny, and look towards the future.

And that’s not wrong! (Hello…Melissa Pearson…current member of Daydreamers Anonymous)

Making plans is beautiful! It drives us to better ourselves. It gives us something to work towards.

However, personally…I sometimes notice it takes away the joys of right now. Believe you me…it’s not just apartment v. house either. First it was “Gah! I can’t wait till you’re old enough to JUST NURSE.” Now we’re teething, and I spend hours bouncing a screaming baby thinking, “I can’t wait till your teeth come out!!” And of course there’s the ever present, “When the next baby comes along…[insert baby dream here].”

All legit dreams. 

But my husband pointed out to me recently that sometimes I look at our daughter like a time bomb.

And he’s not wrong

As difficult as it is, I’m finding I need to take a step back and appreciate where I am for whatever it is. I can’t let God live in moments I never give Him (and there’ve been quite a few of those). Because honestly, my baby and my dog don’t care if we’re moving to our dream home. They do care that  I scratch bellies and kiss chubs (dog and baby respectively).

So, I’m trying not to focus so much on the “Once I have…then I will”s, and more on the right here moments. Even when they’re messy. Because God is in those moments too.

With that mindset as we move, I keep thinking I may not have my forever place…but this world isn’t meant for forevers…it’s meant for right nows. (And cuddles and giggles and screams etc etc)


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