7 Quick Takes

We learned our lesson. Never move without a Grandma or host of big kids to entertain baby! (Moving while teething is no picnic either) That said…we did it! It’s a mess…our lives are swamped by cardboard boxes…but we moved.

And I’m linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes for the first time because my thoughts are as random as our current living quarters.


Making an Apartment a Home Takes Some Doing.
…but a classmate of mine wrote an awesome post about why it matters. And I think it’s inspired. So…one room at a time, I’m working at this home making thing (when Maria let’s me. Because clearly she’s the boss). I might share the finished products as they come…and I might not (mainly because I might be too embarrassed by how many millions of years it’ll take me).

But I WILL do it. Slowly.


We’ve Entered the Land of Giggles and Smiles!

After what felt like issue after issue, Maria has FI-NA-LLY taken a detour from the Constant Grumps Highway. Now it’s all sunshine and sparkles (Ha. No. She’s a baby. Tears and screeches are still rampant.) But it IS wonderful. She smiles and laughs, and she seems to ACTUALLY enjoy us. 6 months. I didn’t believe it when people told me that was the turning point. People…for us it’s a thing.

How long it’ll be a thing?? Probably just about 3 weeks…then something else will happen. It always does. But for now? Wow.


What Even IS This Election??

I mean…seriously.



Fall Has ARRIVED!!!!!!

And rain and cozy blankets and hot coffee and soup and jackets and…

… probably by next week it’ll be hell hot again here in Texas. But for now it’s wonderful. Having grown up in CT and Upstate NY, I really took Fall for granted. Then I moved to Texas, and now I savor every orange/red/golden leaf I see.


Shining Light Dolls Are THE Best!

If you’re in the market for baby toys…one that’s the right size to not get choked on, but just right for gnawing on …this is it. We got ours as a gift from the uncle and aunt who spoil us so, and it’s LITERALLY the only thing Maria wants lately.


Essential Oils…Where Have You Been All My Life??

But for real. Lavender EO… I honestly think it saved bedtime. And nap time (Have I mentioned Maria was the WORST at sleeping?? Staying asleep is still a work in progress…but falling asleep is FINALLY peaceful!!). I’m hooked. If you’re looking to try some and support two AWESOME women…go here or here. I am. Cuz have I mentioned I’m hooked??


 12 Weeks Till Christmas…

…too soon?? Alrighty then….

8 Weeks till Thanksgiving!!!

Enjoy the Fall-ish Weather!!


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