There’s an Oil for That…

I’ve officially entered the Essential Oil using world. 

I’m mildly obsessed.

I never ever used Oils. Looking back that seems really surprising. Never? And yet practically every friend of mine seems to swear by them?? Clearly I wasn’t having the right conversations.

I was finally introduced to essential oils through a fellow UDer, the lovely Catherine of The Simple Essential Life. She gave me a sample of lavender because when she asked me what I needed help with, I said SLEEP. It’s the truest thing. Sleep is what I think about most of my waking hours. So, I was super psyched to try anything at all that might help!

My daughter is beautiful. Funny. Sweet. Loving. But she has always become a gremlin when it came to bedtime. I’m talking screaming and kicking. I read all the things. Maybe she was going down too early? Nope. Maybe too late? Nope. Solid bedtime routine? We were just getting better at that…but every time we got to laying down she freaked out again. 

The irony is she’s usually a champion sleeper (when cosleeping. But that’s a completely different story). 

So I tried the lavender.


That first night, I mixed it with coconut oil and used it instead of lotion for her massage. Awesome. Then the tricky part…

I dabbed a couple spots on the bed where we sleep. I laid down with her and was instantly taken back to my best friend’s house at a sleep over (weird right? Wrong. Apparently her mom used essential oils religiously. Go figure!). She relaxed and fell asleep nursing within 5 minutes (duh! You nursed her to sleep. Easy out. Not my child. My child is the most restless nurser ever.).

I was hooked. 

Now we’re in love with Peppermint. Looooooove. I don’t react well to coffee…but a couple drops of peppermint in a glass of water = feeling more awake than I’ve felt since pre-pregnancy! And as Maria is currently trying to pull down our entire stack of dvds…feeling awake is my friend. 

I’m excited!! I can’t wait to share all the awesome smelly goods, scientific facts, and practical uses!! 

Now… I’m on a quest to protect my terrified dog from a grabby crawler. Pray for me.


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