World Adoption Day!!

In our family, adoption has always always always been close to our hearts. It’s no secret we’re pro-life (every life!), but it’s so much more personal than that. It gave us the ability to BE a family (and while we definitely hope to someday adopt, that’s not how).

Our family IS a family because on April 13th, 1992, a birth mother in Hong Hong chose life (…and before you say “Wait! I thought he’s Filipino?!”…he is. Just like I’m Irish. The end). We’re also ABLE to be a family because in the fall of that same year, my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law saw a picture of that little boy in a Hong Kong orphanage and said “That’s our son.”

Adoption was (and is) a loving, sacrificial choice that created a family.

His birth mother could have so easily felt like she had no options for life. My in-laws could have just as easily chosen another little boy’s picture. But I thank God daily that they all chose adoption .

I’m grateful that the birth-grandmother of my daughter chose adoption. I’m equally grateful that my baby’s grandparents brought their son to the States and raised him to be the man, husband, and father he is.

Adoption is certainly not without pain. I can’t comprehend what a birth-mother feels, or parents of a failed adoption, but it’s certainly a pain that is accompanied by the greatest, most vulnerable, Christlike form of love. 


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