Some Days Will Break You…

…and last week was some of those days. 

Do you ever feel that way?? Totally defeated? A failure? The absolute worst?

I’m reading a Motherhood Devotional that my Mother-in-law gave me and stumbled upon these words;

“There are a million ways to be good enough, the first of which is to keep trying.”

That. Right there. 

I love my daughter. I love my husband. I love my home. 

But there are days that the house legitimately looks like it’s been robbed (my blog name is no joke). There are days that I honestly don’t know if I hugged my husband. There are days where no less than five times a day my daughter screams at me while kicking and pushing because she’s so tired but also teething three monster teeth. 

And I’m a perfectionist who’s never perfect, so I’m already losing right out of the gate.

I so often forget that A. I’m human. B. No one but me is expecting perfection. C. I can’t possibly be the only mother to cry into my coffee after the third night of teething horror. 

The perfectionist in me needs to let go of what I expect Motherhood to look like. Because it will never look like that. I need to acknowledge in myself that being the perfect mother means taking a deep breath and trying again. 

The beauty of this vocation isn’t in the Instagram-worthy moments. It’s in the blessing that I am always challenged to better myself and realize my own limitations.

ANNNND since I’ve been gone forever and a day….here’s a photo dump of all our Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year from the Pearson’s!


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